ACC Request

Prior to conducting any type of exterior changes to your Country View Village home, you must have the change approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). CVV covenants state:

"No building, fence or other structure or improvement shall be erected, placed or altered on any Lot in the subdivision until the plans and specifications, including exterior elevations and exterior colors and all exterior materials for such building, fence of other structure and showing the location of such building, fence or other structure, shall have been approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee as to the quality of workmanship and materials and conformity and harmony of exterior design with existing structures in the subdivision and as to the location with respect to topography, existing trees and finished elevation."

Please see Article IV for more information regarding the ACC.

Improvement Request Form

  • This form must be completed and submitted to the ACC when planning an improvement on your home. The improvement must be approved *prior* to beginning improvements on your home. The form may be emailed to or mailed to ACC at following address:

    Country View Village ACC Committee
    PO Box 690862 San Antonio, TX 78269-0862

PO Box 690862, San Antonio, TX 78269-0862,